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  Mountopz 125-B (Auto,Reverse)
  Mountopz 110-B2
  Mountopz 110 (110cc,Auto)

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Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information provided. However, product specifications, configurations, and systems/components are subject to change with equal performance substitutes with out notice. Information will be updated when available.
Model OKAI Beetle Pro (EA10C)
Number ITEM
1 Vehicle parameters Expansion: LxWxH 1145*533*1045mm?45.08*20.98*41.14inch?
2 Folding: LxWxH 1145*554 *614mm?45.08*21.81*24.17inch?
3 N.W. 29kg?63.93lbs?
4 Max Speed 25km/h?15.5mph?
5 Range ≤55km?34.18miles?
6 Max gradient 20%
7 Adapted terrain Pavement
8 Operating temperature 0?40?
9 Waterproof grade IPX5
10 Charging time 2A?6H?3A?4H
11 Battery
Rated Voltage 48V
12 Rated Capacity 10.4Ah
13 Battery (cell) Qty 52Pcs
14 Motor Parameter Motor size 10 inch
15 Max torque 28N.m
16 Rated Voltage 48V
17 Rated power 350W
18 Max power 900W
19 Motor control mode Brushless gearless motor
20 Brake Brake stopping distance ?4.5m (14.76ft)
21 Brake mode Front: mechanical drum brake
Rear: mechanical drum brake + electronic brake
22 Tires Tire Size Front : 10 inch
Rear: 10 inch
23 Tire materials Vacuum tires
24 Charger Input voltage 100-240V
25 Output voltage 54.6V
26 Output current 2A
27 Rider Max Load 100kg?220.46lbs?
28 Recommended age >14 years old
29 Required height 120-200cm?3.94-6.56ft?
30 Features Brake light Light off/low light flashing alternately
31 Ride Mode Zero start (Rear drive)
32 Suspension Type Rear Suspension
33 Certification UL 2272?2019, FCC SDOC, Prop 65 Test Report
34 Packing Manner of packing 1pc/ctn
35 G.W. 33.5kg?73.85lbs?
36 LxWxH 1165*330*550mm?45.87*12.99*21.65inch?
37 UPC Code OKAI EA10C White US (48V)-UL 608938952011
38 OKAI EA10C Black US (48V)-UL 608938952028
39 EA-EA10C-US-PNK-48V-UL 608938952035
40 EA- EA10C Green US (48V)-UL 810100340018
41 Description OKAI Beetle Pro is designed with a new concept, just to bring you a perfect and comfortable riding experience like never before. The stylish exterior design and ergonomically designed high stretch compression seat will become a unique scenery on the road, and with the upgraded Beetle Pro goes farther and faster. 35 miles of range and 900W peak power will make your journey long again!
42 Key Selling Points  1. Stylish one-of-a kind design
2. Customers can paint and add decals to make a custom statement - D.I.Y. friendly!
3. The upgraded Beetle Pro goes further and faster:35-mile range 900w peak power
43 Warranty  Main engine:Frame assembly, wheel hub motor assembly, controller assembly, handle, instrument assembly,front straight rod and charging port;——One year warranty Parts:Battery assembly, charger, brake handle and fifinger-operating throttle;——Six months warranty Vulnerable parts of appearance?Handle covers, front fenders, rear fenders, plastic pedals, reflflective stickers, parking bracket assembly and rubber plug?——Three months warranty 
44 Setup Guide Video
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